Fantasy, Magic, Fairies, & Creatures galore! Our fall theme "Enchanted" is perfect for those who love fantasy, positive energy, and dabbling in magic!

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  • Trevor

    Owner, Operator, & Lead Soaper. Trevor has been with Goat'cha since its starting in 2016.

    Favorite Product: Soap
    Favorite Quote: "Words have meaning; Words have value."

  • Brandy

    Owner, Operator, & Lead Candle Maker. Brandy is also our cousin. She started with Goat'Cha in the beginning of 2022.

    Favorite Product: Whipped Body Scrubs
    Favorite Quote: "We've got cows!"

  • Phix it Phill

    Maintenance Manager Phill has been with Goat'Cha since the very beginning and can be found building, maintaining the property, and lending a helping hand when we get behind.

    Favorite Product: Bath bombs
    Favorite Quote: "Yeah you bet!"

  • Gram

    Dishes Manager Gram has been spending each summer with Goat'Cha since 2017 & not only keeps all the dishes in check but also helps with a handful of other things including making products!

    Favorite Quote: "Ughh..Trevor!"