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What's the difference between butter bombs and bath bombs? All bath bombs fall into two broad categories:  moisturizing bath bombs (butter bombs) vs. fun more playful bath bombs that bubble (floating bath bombs with pretty colors).  At Goat'Cha, we also broke ours down into two categories; Bath bombs & butter bombs.

People with dry skin love moisturizing butter bombs. In fact, during a warm bath your open pores drink in the luscious butters and oils. 

Don’t like putting on lotion after a bath? No problem!  Use a moisturizing butter bomb properly and you may not have too!

Bath bombs: Our bath bombs come in a wide range of colors, scents, and designs. These are more for fun. If you like watching mesmerizing colors, bubbles, with nose pleasing scents; These are for you! 

They use less ingredients and have a price tag to match!

We will only make a select amount of bath bombs in one particular design and once they're gone that's it! We may choose to keep that design in stock if ya'll are diggin' em' (Let us know by reviewing that product.)

BONUS: Most of our bath bombs also contain a random charm. We have quite the selection and plan on adding more.  

Butter bombs: Our butter bombs are PACKED full of moisturizing oils, butters, quality ingredients, and available in a variety of scents.

These butter bombs are made to coat the water with skin loving oils, butters and ingredients. They will continue to coat the water for approximately 5-10 minutes.

For the best benefit, sit back, relax, and enjoy soaking! (Please also see "how to use" on any butter bomb for more details.)

Shower Steamers: A shower steamer is a bath bomb for your shower. It fizzes and releases an amazing scent while you shower. The shower steamer is super easy to use too – simply place one on the floor of your shower, and when water hits it, it fizzes and releases the essential oils into the air.  

Your shower can be a wonderful time to slow things down, reduce stress and relax. Whether you shower in the morning or at night, take some extra time to really enjoy your shower and plan how your day is going to go or reflect on how it went - and a shower steamer can help create an environment that encourages you to relax,  reduce stress and think more clearly.