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Safe 1 Botanical Insecticide & Fly Spray

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A safe alternative for keeping your fur family pest free!  Kills and repels mosquitoes, fleas, gnats, and all types of flies using all natural ingredients. Each packet contains enough concentrate to make one gallon of insecticide. 

Active Ingredients: Proprietary formula of “terpenes” (a liquid extracted from plants) FDA Approved as Safe EPA Exempt.

 I (Trevor) personally use this on all my pets! Dogs, goat, & horses! Every year I only need to get two packs to last me all spring-fall! I personally choose to use a gallon sprayer as it makes it easy to find & carry around the farm.  I spray them daily for a week or two depending on how bad the season is and then I'm able to back it down to once a week!  

How to mix: Add entire packet into a gallon of water; SHAKE WELL;  Add to favorite sprayer(s) and apply as directed. 


  • Pour into bottle, garden or backpack sprayer and spray pets.

  • For use on face, spray onto cloth and wipe on desired spots.

  • Premise or direct contact simply use sprayer

  • For longest lasting results, brush in

  • Use daily for several days, then as needed


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Safe 1 Botanical Insecticide & Fly Spray