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All season long we are raffling off a basket that was donated by Cherry Lane Farm. The basket is filled to the brim with all kinds of sweet treats!

This basket contains more than $300.00 worth of handmade local products. Items in basket was donated by the following businesses. Cherry Lane Farm, Althouse Photography, Vicknits, Dean’s Organics, Hippie Girl Collection, Old Dogs Forge, Moon Magic Mamas, Bees Knees, Sweet Bean Roasting Company, Rough Branch, Locally Seasoned, Main St Market, Anstine’s Candy, Goat’Cha Bath & Body & Herbal Icing

Drawing takes place on the night of December 20th 2022. We will notify winner via phone and/or email.


Tub & Shower

No matter if it's soap, bath bombs, or shower steamers, we goat what you need for a more natural, fun and enjoyable clean you can feel!

Scrubs, Lotions, Butters, Balms, & More!

Lock in mositure from head to toe and never worry about dry flaky skin ever again. Quality ingreditens & handmade with love.


Yep, we goat your pets covered too!

All the Udder stuff

Smell Goods, Soap Savers, Bag Savers, Home Decor & More

  • Trevor

    Owner, Operator, & Lead Soaper. Trevor has been with Goat'cha since its starting in 2016.

    Favorite Product: Soap
    Favorite Quote: "Words have meaning; Words have value."

  • Brandy

    Owner, Operator, & Lead Candle Maker. She started with Goat'Cha in the beginning of 2022 and has been learning everything she can ever since.

    Favorite Product: Soap + Scrub
    Favorite Quote: "We've got cows!"

  • Phix it Phill

    Maintenance Manager Phill has been with Goat'Cha since the very beginning and can be found building, maintaining the property, and lending a helping hand when we get behind.

    Favorite Product: Bath bombs
    Favorite Quote: "Yeah you bet!"

  • Gram

    Dishes Manager Gram has been spending each summer with Goat'Cha since 2017 & not only keeps all the dishes in check but also helps with a handful of other things including making products!

    Favorite Quote: "Ughh..Trevor!"