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Peach Sugar Scrub With Goat's Milk

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This handcrafted sugar scrub smells like a juicy fresh ripened peach.

What you get

One 6oz container of sugar-based scrub that will exfoliate your skin leaving it smooth and ready to soak up the moisture from your soap!

Pick the same scent, or mix and match! 6oz of scrub comes in each returnable container.


Sugar, Safflower oil, Hempseed oil, Canola oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Castor oil, & Sweet Almond oil & Fragrance oil.

Plant or natural based materials such as aloe, oats, coffee grinds, herbs, flowers, charcoal, clays, salts, or alike.

Some scrubs may also contain:
Skin safe micas or colorants.

How to use

Wet the area you plan on using the product on, add some product to your hand and begin to rub it on desired area. You may add more water if needed.

Some people also prefer to add the product to their hands, then add water into hands and then apply to skin.


We are not responsible for any damage done to our soaps during shipping. We do our best to ensure that each item is safely secured pre-shipping. After it leaves here, we are relying on the USPS to take care of it from here to your door.

All items are neatly and securely packaged in a box with confetti paper. We also include a thank you card, monthly sticker, and a sample if we have them.